A new exhibition Ultraviolet Retro starts on 30th January

30. 1. 2020 to 9. 1. 2022

The popular luminescent puppet theater returns to the Museum of Puppetry in Chrudim. It's great fun with luminophores! Special colors containing the so-called luminophores allow puppets to glow beautifully under ultraviolet light. The ongoing exhibition is also a symbolic tribute to the pioneer of this type of theater, the Czech director and artist František Tvrdek, who would celebrate his 100th birthday in January. MLK worked closely with František Tvrdek's close colleague Irena Hinterleitnerová, who lent some puppets in addition to sharing memories and valuable information for the exhibition. The luminescent theater exhibition at MLK will also be complemented by an interactive lumino playroom, where visitors can experience magic with colors and light. The exhibition will be open until 9 January 2022.