• Before the concert, visitors talk to each other on the museum's terraces.
  • Singer Blondýna playing guitar, looking towards Chrudim.
  • The musicians talk to the concert organizer.
  • Visitors stand in line for refreshments.
  • Singer Blondýna standing on stage, singing and playing guitar
  • Visitors watch the concert.
  • A couple watching the concert.
  • Older visitors watch the concert.
  • A musician plays the violin.
  • Marcel Kříž performs with its guests on the terraces.
  • Marcel Kříž plays the guitar.
  • A view of the audience.
  • Martina Trchová and Trio play on stage.
  • General view of Martina Trchová's concert with stage and auditorium.
  • Martina Trchová plays the guitar.
  • The end of the Martina Trchová and Trio´s concert.
16 photos

Martina Trchová & Trio, Blondýna, Marcel Kříž

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European cultural heritage day 2020

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The Fuss About a Ballet Dancer

The Fuss About a Ballet Dancer
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Puppets on the Front

Puppets on the Front
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A Magic Life of the Lamka Family - exhibition opening March 8th

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Knitted Fairytales(Pletené pohádky) - puppet theatre Čmukaři from Turnov

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Drum for Fun Ensemble - a special St. Nicolaus celebration and performance

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A Christmas tea for seniors

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The Secret of a Little Dancer - painting studio

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The Secret of a Little Dancer