The Magical World of Puppets

2. 3. 2013

Chrudim Puppetry Museum’s Permanent Exhibition

“I am a puppet. I have taken many forms, which change over the centuries. All of these forms have one thing in common – I am only able to come to life with your help. I am alive only when you folk pick me up. I speak only when you lend me your voice. Without you, I am lifeless and silent; however, together we can experience a thousand and one tales.”

Enter the Magical World of Puppets and allow yourself to be guided through Czech puppetry, from its historic forms to modern ones. Have a glimpse into the world of the Orient.

Magický svět loutek

The Magical World of Puppets, the permanent exhibition at the Chrudim Puppetry Museum, guides you through the history of Czech puppetry – from the refined marionettes used by itinerant puppeteers through to variety-show (trick) puppets, from works of folk art through to the modern period. This last period indicates the first half of the 20th century, which saw the creation of Spejbl and then Hurvínek not long after. Explore the work of Jiří Trnka, a famous creator of puppet films, as well as that of Josef Váchal, Vojta Sucharda, Alois Šroif, and many others. Also learn about the family puppet theaters, an important phenomenon of the first Czechoslovak Republic. Investigate the world of shadow puppets from Indonesia and China, marionettes from Burma, and the Kathputli puppets of India.