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Children's day among puppets

Cute museum animals - squirrels, doggies, a ladybug, a bear, a tiger cub and a ground squirrel...

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The puppets are heading to the Veselý Kopec!

Two puppet shows, a bear workshop, playing with puppets and many more!

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Museum for the elderly

The special event offered an insight into the types of the puppets and a guided tour of the...

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Happy Birthday!

The exhibition was officially opened on 2nd July 2022 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the...

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Animal Easter experiences! Both in the Magical World of Puppets and on the terrace!

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Merry Saturday

Creative workshops for the whole family in cooperation with the Vysočina Open Air Museum.

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International Puppetry Day

We celebrated the International Puppetry Day with guided tours and creative workshop.

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Spring holidays at the museum

We arranged five day creative workshop for children from Ukraine currently living in Chrudim....

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Guided Tours

A walk through the museum and the permanent exhibition the Magic World of Puppets with guide...

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The children created their own puppet theatre and acted out the story of the birth of Jesus.