Five years ago, Czech puppetry became part of the UNESCO World Heritage

1. 12. 2021

Today, December 1, 2021, we commemorate the fifth anniversary of the entry of Czech puppetry into the prestigious list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, UNESCO. The joint Czech - Slovak nomination succeeded at the general assembly of this organization in the Ethiopian capital Adis Ababa after several years of careful preparations. In addition to the glorious and rich past, the entry in the prestigious list of intangible cultural heritage also accentuates the living present and the ability of Czech and Slovak puppeteers to respond to new trends in the art world and in society as a whole. We thank all those who contributed to the registration, but especially those who keep the tradition of our puppetry alive with their work. On the occasion of the registration of Czech puppetry in UNESCO, you can also visit our puppet museum every year for free.