Simona Chalupová takes part in the World Puppetry Festival

22. 9. 2023

Director of the Chrudim Puppetry Museum and chairwoman of the Czech center of the international puppet organization UNIMA MgA. Simona Chalupová is participating in the World Puppet Festival (Festival Mondial des Theaters de Marionnettes) with the support of the IDU Go and See program. The festival takes place in Charleville-Mézieres, France, where UNIMA's official headquarters are located, from 16 to 24 September 2023. The puppet performances will be played in twenty halls throughout the city, in three tents, in front of the church and everywhere on the streets in the town center. In addition to the live theater, there will be meetings of many organizations connected to puppet theatre from many countries of the world and, of course, UNIMA is not missing. On Wednesday, September 20, a meeting of representatives of this organization from all over the world took place in the courtyard of the UNIMA headquarters. The meeting was opened by the General Secretary of UNIMA, Dimitri Jagenaux, and the President of the South Korean center of UNIMA, Choe Junho, who used the meeting to present the next global congress of this organization in 2025, was also given the space.