Watch the 3rd video from the exhibition The Secret of the Wooden Puppet

7. 5. 2021

How to introduce puppet theater to children in a country where this tradition does not exist? The third video from the preparations for the Secret of a Wooden Puppet exhibition will introduce you to the graphic and architectural concept of the exhibition. The guide of the exhibition is the stylized Kašpárek, which is made up of abstract elemental shapes that can evoke children's dice and in various contexts permeate the visual of the entire exhibition.

The video features:

Kim Chi-jon - Director of Education and International Cooperation Seoul Historical Museum

Lubomír Svoboda - architect |1st Fair Atelier

Michal Kukačka - graphic artist | Les Kanců s.r.o.

Richard Matula - curator | Museum of Puppet Cultures in Chrudim

An extensive representative exhibition of Czech puppetry, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is being prepared by the Chrudim Puppetry Museum in the South Korean capital in cooperation with the Czech Centers, the Seoul Historical Museum and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Seoul.