The World Puppetry Day is a feast of spring and hope as well

21. 3. 2020

Despite a whirlwind of bad news and necessary restrictions, one cannot fail to notice that spring is slowly coming, the most beautiful season for many people. This year, many of us are hoping that warm weather could stop or at least hinder the coronavirus pandemic, which has changed the lives of most of us and brought us to a painful knowledge of a fragility of our civilization. The first day of spring is the feast of all puppeteers, World Puppet Day was declared by UNIMA International Puppetry Union at the initiative of Iranian puppeteer Javad Zolfaghari at the congress in Atlanta in 2002, the first World Puppetry Day was celebrated the following year. Due to the extraordinary situation, the Chrudim Puppetry Museum joins the celebrations only symbolically this year, but there is no need to despair. If it is possible, take a walk to the awakening nature, which at this time offers the best theater in the world.