Photo Me If You Can!

21. 3. 2024 to 1. 9. 2024

The exhibition called Photo Me If You Can! with the subtitle World puppetry through the lens of Josef Ptáček, shows almost 100 photographs of puppets and puppetry phenomena from around the world created by Josef Ptáček, one of Czech leading theatre photographers. The images were created between 1992-1993 and were originally intended for a publication, which was planned to be published by the Belgian publishing house Casterman. This unique project lasted two years, during which Josef Ptáček visited renowned European puppet museums, important ensembles and puppet festivals in Ghent and Ljubljana. Even though the publication was not published in the end, the resulting photographs are proof of Ptáček's excellent sense of detail and ability to work artfully with the changing conditions and stimuli that the rhythm of a puppet show or parade entails. With his lens, he also masterfully captured the enthusiastic reactions of the audience and especially the puppetry phenomena typical of individual countries.

Vyfoť mě, když to dokážeš! – vernisáž