Nest for the Soul

6. 3. 2020 to 1. 11. 2020

This exhibition documents artistic work of people with mental disabilities in so-called specific theater groups, where they are led by experienced art school instructors. The main aim of the exhibition, created in cooperation of the Chrudim Puppetry Museum and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, is to promote art activities of the people with mental handicap and contribute to their better integration into society and public life. The exhibition includes puppets and masks from theatre performances, photographs from the production process, workshops and theatrical productions, as well as video documentaries depicting artistic work in specific theater groups. Part of the exhibition also presents specialized research in the field of specific integration groups, which is carried out by the Research Department of the Department of Puppet Theater of the Academy of Performing Arts in the frame of the project Artistic Research in a Specific Integration Group (with People with Disabilities). The exhibition will be open from 6th March to 1st November 2020.