We say NO! to Russian barbarism

24. 2. 2022

We would like to express full support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine, which is currently facing a barbaric Russian attack. We call on the Russian leaders to put an immediate stop to a completely unjustified brutal aggression and to respect the will of the people of Ukraine to self-determination and their right to choose the direction of their country. We completely disagree with the Putin regime's falsification of history in order to justify an act of aggression against a sovereign state. This aggression is completely unjustifiable in the 21st century and is a manifestation of the Cold War mentality, which is the narrative of the foreign and domestic policies in the Kremlin. We call on all civilized countries, including the Czech Republic, to stand up for Ukraine and its freedom, because this country and this war are also about their / our freedom. We say a clear NO! to all manifestations of barbarism and geopolitical cynicism. We also call on artists and puppeteers around the world to support the hard-pressed people of Ukraine. Please act now!